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Error with no information...

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Error with no information...

Alright, I am about to upgrade one of my older systems from a 120GB SATA disk to a 250GB SATA disk. In preparation, I am running a final differential backup on the drive. It correctly detects which files I need and then spends about six and a half hours compressing most of them, but ALWAYS fails with a CRC error. The thing is, it isn't telling me if the error is on the external HDD or my internal one. I have run long and short drive tests on both and both pass. I've run scandisk. I am beginning to think that this may be an issue within Toucan. How can I get more info than "data error (CRC)"?

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you running a sync, backup or secure? I suspect you are running a backup and as such this is actually a 7Zip error, it is worth trying using 7Zip itself to see if the error still happens. How big is the archive you are creating and what sort of file system (FAT or NTFS) do you have on your drives?

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