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Google Earth

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Google Earth

Why i cant find Google Earth as a Portable Apps and how can i schrink it in a to a Portable Apps and make it run from my Portable Apps launchpad?
I can only copy the file from the Program Files list from the computer and paste the file on my USB stick and make it run from my USB stick but the set up file dous not alow me change the destination folder when i want to instal Google Earth!
I can get the Google Earth icon in my launchpad but if i want to run the program from my launchpad it doesnt work somehowe i can not make it run from my launchpad on my USB stick!
Great product but it would be greater if it is running from the Portable Apps launchpad.
If somone knows the answer than i am intrested Google Earth should be launcheble from the launchpad.

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