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Google Earth plugin for Firefox Portable

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Google Earth plugin for Firefox Portable

So a little while ago I created a thread (under a different username that I didn't realize I wasn't supposed to have) about not being able to use the Google Earth plugin with Firefox Portable.

I was asking about why when I put the plugin into the portable plugins folder, Firefox found it, but Google Maps said there was an error.

This was 1 to 1.5 weeks ago. I searched four different forums, and a I used the search feature, and I can't seem to find it. It ought to be under the Firefox forum.

I am just an idiot, or is it really not there?

[thread updated by mod JTH to replace the one inadvertently deleted when reassigning posts to the user's new ID]

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Was Deleted

It was inadvertently deleted when I reassigned your posts to your new username. Sorry about that Sad I've made this the thread in the Firefox forum now Smile

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