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back on track

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Submitted by Pyromaniac on February 3, 2011 - 6:11pm

Ok, let's see hear. (ha! get it? see hear?)

That was stupid. Anyway...

I'm back in gear, and (just about) ready to develop new portable apps. The reason I had to take a break was because I had to prepare for an acting competion, because my drama class at my school was going to an acting festival and gonna try to kick some acting butt. While we didn't make state, we did OK and got "excellence with distinction" (but I think the judges weren't that great).

Apart from another perfomance coming up on the 11th (and a 10-page research paper, as well as another 3-page essay and a couple of Java programs I have to write but I have no clue what to do, and then some other homework), I should be good to go Biggrin

That ages-old request forum I made will be flushed away and a new one will appear from that tank above...

Also, stay tuned, I was looking at a program (which will be unamed) that's a one-click proxy that gives you access anywhere. I used Regshot to see what it did, and I'm pretty confident the same can be achieved using NSIS. I spent a whole 2 hours last night working on the icon (which looks SWEET) and I'm hoping to pull out a beta before the end of this month. So stay tuned for that. I think I'm gonna call it Freex, or FreedomSurf, or something, I'm not sure.

So umm yeah. Here's somthing to think about:
The following idea is false: the preceding idea is true.


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I actually learned about the "following idea false:...true" stuff in my English class. I'm definetly posting this barber one on my teacher's website Biggrin

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You really need to get your own radio show or something. Beee



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I'm confused, your text implied you "found" this program, but you get to choose the name? How is that?

How about "PyroProxy". Blum

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and it offers a 1-click proxy--you double click, and it's ready within seconds. I did a regshot to see if I could find out what it does and I saw it just changes some settings in the registry and reverts them when you exit. It's been discussed here. There is some speculation, though, that it tracks everything you do, and it launches attacks from your own computer. I'm making the app (which is going to be open source) so that people don't have to worry about stuff like that.

Also, I want a name that you think would match an icon that looks like the MSN icon (my icon uses similar colors and style).

Thanks though

a one click proxy that you have to click twice to get it to work LOL j/k

Good Luck with your endeavor

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