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Kdenlive for Windows

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Kdenlive for Windows

It would be really good if made Kdenlive for windows and made it portable. I love Portable Apps because I can take my software and files anywhere I want.

I would also like there to be portable Safari because others are requesting that and I really like that browser.

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Safari Not Possible

SafariPortable is not possible because Apple's license will no doubt not permit i.e. it would be illegal to offer a portable package of Safari. Apple doesn't like to share, ever.

I have no idea what the other software is, nor what it does.

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not a good idea man. never post your PII in a public form. thats just asking for trolls.

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Kdenlive is not available for

Kdenlive is not available for Windows. I've already looked into it Wink

There is no data.
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It exists.

It's been there on kdenlive's landing page for awhile now, though it is still a beta. Whoever feels like maintaining it can go out of their way to make a binary for use with the PortableApps suite.

Sadly it is only for x86_64 so that might make it not a candidate. You can still check it out here:

Also sorry for pulling a necro and reviving a seven-year dead thread but figured better that than duplicating data.

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