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A request

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A request

Though i've read most of the topics, i just want to state what i like pa platform v2 be:
1.a customizable menu, where people like us who have a lot of apps could group apps and arrange the apps/icons by how i want it to be. A 2-pane menu GUI would be nice, though it should'nt be too wide. Or atleast, aside from simply scrolling down the apps on the menu, how about a tab or something like that.

2. A stay-on-top and stay-visible function so that i dont have to write on ini file.

3. How about a feature something like when minimizing, instead of the platform going on the tabs along the start menu, the platform becomes like a floating icon and stays on top. I think, for me it would make it much easier to access if your doing alot of things on pc.

4. A function that when you right-click the app's icon, an option to view the app's file property and something like find-target-file (to easily go to the app's folder aside from clicking explore and go to the folder manually) would be there.

4. I hope there could be an option to change the font, and even the color of the text on the suite. So that people like me, with a poor eye-sight and likes to see the suite transparent could customise the texts for easier identification of the app.

That's it. When shall be v2 of the suite be released? Atleast, an estimate?