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Migrating older PortableApps to Platform 2.0 Beta 5

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Migrating older PortableApps to Platform 2.0 Beta 5

Hi! I've just come back to PA suite after a long break, the last time I was using it, v. was current. I've also just purchased a new USB drive! I decided to look at this website for the latest PAS installer and saw that there was a beta available, I don't normally try beta's but the new features proved irresistable, so I've installed, Platform 2.0 Beta 5.

I was going to copy the portable apps from the PortableApps directory, off my old USB drive onto the same directory on the new drive. When I attempted to do this I see that the PortableApps directory on the new version of PAS, has changed significantly with lots of new folders since the old version and I was wondering where I should put the various files. I have done a forum and web search and I'm suprised no one else seems to have asked this. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum or if I've missed an existing answer.

Any help greatly appreciated

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backup and reinstall

First its wise to make a backup or copy (not move) everything to the new drive in case something goes wrong.
Then, as with all portable apps, you can just install the update over the old platform/menu. Or you can start with a clean install.

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