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kuView Portable 1.4 Development Test 1

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kuView Portable 1.4 Development Test 1

Application: kuView
Category: Graphics & Pictures
Description: Kujawiak Viewer (kuview) is a free, lightweight picture viewer which focuses on browsing and managing files. This project's goal is to provide a clear and efficient picture viewer on Windows.

Download kuView Portable 1.4 Development Test 1 [1.7MB download / 1.7MB installed)
(MD5: 6b986275af533bc051e21c6a87ee796c)

Note: Language setting in the menu doesn't work because the kuView does not save the language to it's configuration file. I have submitted a bug report to the developer and I will implement language switching when it has been fixed.

Release Notes:
Development Test 1 (2011-02-11): Initial Release