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Impossibility to exit Realplayer

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Impossibility to exit Realplayer

After my last update of Realplayer to the latest version 14.0.2 I can`t exit the program. In the Windows Task Manager I see 2 processes (realplay.exe and realsched.exe), which stay behind after I close Realplayer. To end these both processes, I`ve organized the tool pskill from Microsoft`s Sysinternals Suite. With pskill it`s possible to end a process. Afterwards I create a batch-file in conjunction with pskill. With this batch-file I can now successful end my Realplayer.

But I like to close the program in a normal kind. Do anyone know a method to reach that?

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probably not so simple

many programs today do such things as install in addition to the essential executable also all sorts of services with the pretended aim to assist you with updates etc, but to me it often looks like fine hidden spyware phoning home at regular intervals rather then anything else.
If you install flash player (full local install) you also install similar service trying to search for updates, same for other things like adobe reader etc.

Often if you disable those services, the rest does not work properly either.

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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