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ScubaPro SmartTrak

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ScubaPro SmartTrak

Good evening/morning depending on your time zone,

I just made a search on the forum for this software but didn't get any hit. Too bad that this software has not been made portable by Scubapro, because, as a diver, I travel a lot and I do not always bring my laptop with me to get my dives statistics.
So here's my small request

Program: ScubaPro SmartTrak

License: Freeware

Description: (from the official website) For detailed logbook storage and analysis after the dive, SmartTrak can assist divers to store data that's limited only by the capacity of PC's hard drive. With a sampling rate for SmarTrak of 4 seconds, this program allows divers to analyse their dives with amazing detail.


- at the end of the installation, pretends that it needs a reboot but actually, it is not necessary
- by default, logbooks are stored in My Documents/My logbooks.

I already tried to make this app portable with thinapp and Cameyo but this last point looks very tricky...

Do not hesitate in you have questions or need further information.
Thx a lot