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[Released] Notepad2-MOD Portable 4.1.24 Dev Test 1

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[Released] Notepad2-MOD Portable 4.1.24 Dev Test 1

Released: This portable app has been officially released and can be found here. Below is an outdated/unsupported development test.

Application: Notepad2-MOD Portable
Category: Development
Description: Notepad2-MOD is a fork of Notepad2 which includes additional features, as well as more support for syntax highlighting (including NSIS!). This portable app was made with PAL.

Download Notepad2-MOD Portable Development Test 1 English
.7 MB Download, .7 MB Installed
MD5: 14a541fcb687d9cd9432d8a11b5bec37

Release Notes
4.1.24 Dev Test 1 (16-2-10): Initial Release