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Resizing Portable Apps Menu

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Resizing Portable Apps Menu

Search turned up a 3 year old thread, so I thought I'd ask it again:

Is there any way to resize the Portable Apps Menu?

Currently, it displays 20 apps and the folders and options on the side. I would love to be able to squish it down to about 14 apps (which would leave the folder side untouched) and maybe make it a little more narrow.

Can this be accomplished by any edits?

I'm currently running both the stable platform and Beta 5, alternately, depending on my mood.

Thanks for all the hard work you guys do.


P.S. Folders cannot happen fast enough.

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fixed size

The menu has a fixed size.

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That's not an answer, that's a statement of affirmation to the question posed in the first place. Pardon

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Actually, it's a correct answer.

The menu has a fixed (set, permanent, immutable) size.
It is hardcoded to be 406 x 573 pixels, with 20 apps visible.
It is also coded in such a way that if you wanted to add the ability to resize it into the code, you would need to recode the whole thing to maintain relative positions and sizes of the various elements that make up the menu.
Trust me, I've tried recompiling it, and everything is laid out in absolute positions and sizes.

The answer to his question is, in a word: no.

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