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I have found an error of Launcher 2.0 and UTF-8 with BOM.
If AppNamePortable.ini is saved in UTF-8 with BOM, the generated launcher cannot start. If it is saved without BOM all is right.
Please add an comment on this site until the error is resolved:


Chris Morgan
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Mixed issues

There are slightly mixed issues with Unicode; mostly, you should use ANSI, or UTF-16LE which is Windows' idea of Unicode. (There is a problem in one section where it uses a different mechanism for reading the file, which doesn't deal entirely correctly with UTF-16LE; if you stumble across that, though, you'll know. In 2.2 I'll be taking a closer look at it.) Real UTF-8 support is something that I don't think will be happening ever for technical reasons (the Windows INI reading API calls can't deal with it).

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