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reveal codes ?

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reveal codes ?

I have read in several places that LO has implemented a reveal codes feature, similarly to 'WordPerfect' - but also that nobody can seem to find it.

Can anyone here definitely verify the presence or absence of this well-loved feature ?
(I suspect that it is the one feature which may garner more new users in a single lump than any other one...)

Thank you !


John T. Haller
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Doesn't Look Implemented

The only reference I found was a bug submitted a week ago (34002). There is the old feature request in OOo as well (3395) from 8 years ago.

From a perusal, it doesn't seem to be implemented. From a technical standpoint, it looks to be a bit complicated. And the demand for it is relatively low (although those that want it are vocal). Reveal codes seems to be a WordPerfect-only thing and no matter how many times those WordPerfect diehards have asked for it in, MS Word, etc, it's never been implemented.

Although, it does seem like *someone* on the LibreOffice / Open Document Foundation team *IS* one of those WordPerfect diehards from way back because it made it onto the Crazy Ideas list. Now, keep in mind, that doesn't necessarily mean it is going to be implemented (technical and development time issues and all that), but it does mean that somebody over there likes the concept.

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