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minipad2 Portable 3.2b3 Dev Test 2

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minipad2 Portable 3.2b3 Dev Test 2

Application: minipad2
Category: Utilities
Description: minipad2 is a collection of small utilities, including a notepad, a memo, a calculator, an shortcut launcher, and more.

Freeware: This software is freeware and is distributed under license.

Download minipad2 Portable Development Test 2 (English/Chinese)
.7 MB Download, .6 MB Installed
MD5: 04d561c6d6562718c7c172e11aa0c0d3

Release Notes
3.2b3 DT2 (20-2-2011): Added language switching via PAM (I forgot to do that in DT1).
3.2b3 DT1 (19-2-2011): Initial Release