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Two CoolPlayer+ Portable Plug-ins..

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Two CoolPlayer+ Portable Plug-ins..

Introducing Codec_Pack_for_CoolPlayerPlus_Portable_2.19.2.paf.exe and iTunesLike_Skin_for_CoolPlayerPlus_Portable_2.19.2.paf; two minor CoolPlayer+ enhancements giving your portable CoolPlayer+ a revamp.

Codec_Pack_for_CoolPlayerPlus_Portable_2.19.2.paf.exe is a plug-in containing several input codecs for CoolPlayer+ some of which include such formats as .aac, .wma, Lossless audio, even .bonk and support for CD playback.

iTunesLike_Skin_for_CoolPlayerPlus_Portable_2.19.2.paf is exactly what you think it is; an iTunes-like skin. It's just a simple rendition of the original CoolPlayer+ Portable skin made by NeoRame. Includes all three skin types; iTunesLike, iTunesLike_EQ, and iTunesLike_shade.

More skins to come in the ensuing weeks.. if applicable feedback calls for it.

[Codec pack link removed, presumed to contain illegal redistribution of codecs; does the iTunes skin contain any Apple IP? - mod Chris]