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Improving Back up utility, adding "Sync with mirror and final compression"

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Improving Back up utility, adding "Sync with mirror and final compression"

I think that the back up as it is now is not guaranteeing
a nice and proper restore of data. If you restore your back up, your restored folders and files could be different from the original ones from where you started the back up.
Lets make an example.

I first did a complete back up and then I updated it. Lets say you want to back up disk D:\ . If you rename a folder in D:\ and then you update your back up the renamed folder will be added to your back up but the original folder is not removed from the back up. So you end up with a back up that is different from the original disk D:\ . If you restore your back up one day you will end up with a very different folder structure and lots of duplicated files/folder as no delete operation is made when updating the back up archive.

What we should need is a back up that is using the same functionalities of the Sync process. For example I would like to "Sync with mirror" and compress it in a back up archive. This will ensure a perfect restore and a smaller size of your back up archive as it will deletes the files or folders in your back up archive to always match your original drive e.g. D:\ that you wanted to back up.

1) Is it possible to add this functionality by scripting?
2) Would you consider to add the back up utility with the sync functions?

Many thanks,

Steve Lamerton
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for the long delay in replying. I have always wanted to add a proper mirror mode for backup but never quite made it work, I will have another go before the 3.1 release and let you know how it goes. Thanks for reminding me about it Smile

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