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Can you make QMP(Quintessential Media Player) to portable?

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Can you make QMP(Quintessential Media Player) to portable?

"Quintessential Media Player" is a media player that supports audio & video formats(MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, CD Audio etc) and play it.Also this software supports "Gracenote MusicID".
I like this app because it can use MusicID.This service will analyze your Audio File and write information to ID3/APE etc.I know other MusicID supported apps(Winap,iTunes
),but these doesn't working because of Registry and the depending resource.

But I think this software is little heavy to school's poor performance PC.
Moreover, it doesn't remember proxy settings,so I need to re-start to registry Gracenote’s Anonymity Account.

If some developers is here and problem of law related is cleared,I hope please make it portable.

Official site(if you think this soft is ok,plz use more!)
QMP wiki(format is Jpn,i don't know other lang ver.)

If my English grammar is bad,I will say "sorry!".