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More Trouble With mini vmac In windows xp

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More Trouble With mini vmac In windows xp

first of all don´t post the zipped file of the images , why not? because in my pc it doesn´t work and a friend of mine also suffer this trouble,we don´t have a mac , so if it´s possible help me with a tutorial or something that work perfectly in windows . thanks

John T. Haller
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Going to Drop Mac-On-Stick

I'm probably going to drop Mac-On-Stick from being listed on this site. While it was a kinda neat project... it's not really all open source: it involves trying to get copyrighted ROMs through less-than-legal means. As such, it doesn't really fit in with the nature of this site.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

Steve Lamerton
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I recon

thats a good idea, caused more trouble than it's worth. You might want to drop sage as well, there hasn't been a new release for ages and the bug list is HUGE!


Steve Lamerton

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