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GNUcash 2.4.2 - triggers anti-virus software

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GNUcash 2.4.2 - triggers anti-virus software

I recently updated portable app GNUcash to version 2.4.2. When I run it using my VISTA desktop at work I get the following error:

gconfd-2.exe detected as Artemis!52E920554AB1

The anti-virus software then deletes the file. GNUcash opens, but will not open my data file.

After work I reinstalled 2.4.2 on my portable drive and tried to run it on my XP laptop at home. It got as far as the tip window and the GNUcash load screen - then it simply disappeared.

Any help with these issues would be much appreciated - I love GNUcash and use it all the time.


John T. Haller
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False Positive

This is another false positive. Artemis is plagued with them. Artemis is McAfee's 'heuristic' antivirus detector, meaning that it is not detecting any existing viruses or malware, it is attempting to guess whether something is a virus. It often guesses wrong. Please report this issue to McAfee so they can fix their issue again.

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