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Audacity Portable 1.2.4 Pre-Release - Testers Needed

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John T. Haller
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Audacity Portable 1.2.4 Pre-Release - Testers Needed

I've just posted a pre-release of Audacity Portable 1.2.4 and need some folks to test it out. For the unfamiliar, Audacity is a versatile sound recorded and editor with support for MP3, Ogg and WAV. It has built-in effects, an easy to use interface and support for a wide array of plugins. This release has many of the features of the other new apps, plus some new stuff:

Live CD Support - Audacity Portable fully supports running from a CD. Just extract it to your local hard drive, run it at least once and configure it to your liking, and burn it to CD.

In-Place Upgrades - Audacity Portable supports the ability to do what I'm calling an "in-place upgrade". This means that you can extract it right over an existing installation of Audacity Portable without losing any of your existing preferences and it'll Just Work (tm).

By default, the launcher sets Audacity to use the TEMP directory on the local PC for it's temp files on each launch. The launcher will automatically clean these up when you exit Audacity... so nothing is left behind.

Grab the self-extractor here: Audacity Portable 1.2.4 Pre-Release


Rob Loach
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Audacity Portable

Just tried it out installed on my iPOD, recording a Skype conversation with my friend, and it worked very nicely. Great work again, John.

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