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How Can I Run Power Point Silde Show In

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How Can I Run Power Point Silde Show In

Open Office Is Great But i Don't know How Can I Save A Power point presentation{*.ppt} to Power Point slide show{*.pps} and how can i run that slide show with Open Office

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Yes. Use " -show"

Yes, there is a command line to launch a slide show. " -show " is the option.

For Windows, just modify this to your site parameters and use it in the target line of a shortcut:

"D:\PORTABLE APPS\OpenOfficePortable\OpenOfficePortable.exe" -show "C:\Documents and Settings\youraccount\My Documents\your Impress or PowerPoint filename and.ext"

I imagine you'd use your path and OpenOfficePortable.exe or maybe OpenOfficeImpressPortable.exe.

There's other switches that OOo can use, too. For example, look on pages 20 and 21 (pdf pages 26 and 27) of this


I hope to find a way to have the presentation stay in a loop, restarting automatically. Right now it ends with that black "Click to exit presentation..." screen.

Note: some old docs will say to use "-start"



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