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Miranda: U3 Package?

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Miranda: U3 Package?


I really like the portable version of Miranda IM. I was wondering if there is gonna be a U3 package available as there is for FireFox and Thunderbird.


John T. Haller
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Not yet planned

As mentioned in other threads, the U3 packages of Firefox, Thunderbird and OpenOffice are the only ones being maintained for right now. These were commissioned by U3 and they funded the development time. A decent amount of extra work has to go into the U3 packages over and above the portable apps ones... and, right now, many U3 users never come to this site to donate money, click on ads, beta test, etc. I can't make the U3 packages available for download from SourceForge since they contain closed source components (and I can't afford the download bandwidth... I'm already at $9,000 a year without hosting any downloads at all... they're all at SourceForge, otherwise it would be another 15 grand a month). Plus, the portable apps get about 20x more downloads than the U3 apps.

You can, of course, use Miranda Portable just fine from a U3 drive or any other drive.

All that said, I am currently working with U3 on a way for the U3 apps to be self-funding. I'll post more about it as things develop.

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Thanks for the answer, I

Thanks for the answer, I totally understand.

Thanks for your efforts.

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Good Day Guys, Yesterday I

Good Day Guys,

Yesterday I became U3 device owner and one of the application i would like to install is Miranda , but i haven't found this application on u3 portal and have found link to your portal with more useful applications then u3 has. I have seen your discussion in post below and would like to ask is there any changes in relationships between your project and U3?

YAN 95

YAN 95

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You can just install the

You can just install the portable version here, then use the u3shortcut creator (search on this forum for u3 shortcut and I'm sure it will come up) to add a shortcut on your u3 menu...

u3 is a bit redundant in a lot of ways - the only advantage is that you have red square on your screen at all times... Smile

I used it for a couple of weeks, found it pretty slow to start etc and ended up uninstalling and using pstart/ the portable apps menu on here...

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