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Blender version 2.49b and Python version 2.6.2

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Blender version 2.49b and Python version 2.6.2

Im having trouble in Blender software. Im trying to make a game using Blender software in my project. Since i wanted to program in Python language rather than only model it in d software, but Im not able to access that part of the software. Please tell me how to get to that area where i can edit and write the Python program while modeling. I have seen in images on sites showing that it comes on the side, but im not able to access to that area. Sad Moreover, when i start Blender software it shows "checking for installed Python... No installed Python found. only built-in modules are available. some scripts may not run. continuing happily." though i have installed python and changed the path in environment variables in my advanced settings as well.

Im using Blender version 2.49b and have installed python version 2.6.2. And Im using Windows Vista, 32 bit OS, 2 GB RAM, Intel Core2 Duo @ 2.20 GHz.
Please help me with the steps that i should do to get to that area of the software. Thankyou .