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GIMP: File types missing in open file (again)

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GIMP: File types missing in open file (again)

When the installation directory is moved and the user doesnt have write access for the file "App\gimp\lib\gimp\2.0\environ\default.env" the "open file" dialog shows only *.xcf. This means that CD or server installations wont work.

Cause: GIMPPortable adjusts the contents of the file to the new location. If this fails, everything seems to be normal, but file formats other than xcf are not available.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Install GIMPPortable and verify that it works correctly
  • Move (dont copy!) the directory to a different location
  • Start GIMPPortable again with a user account that doesnt have write access to default.env
  • Choose File open and check the available file types

Workaround: Edit the file manually after moving the directory (not applicable for CD installations).

I dont know if anything can be done about this, but at least the doc for "Running GIMP from CD" ( should be changed.