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PNotes Portable 7.5 Pre-Release 1

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PNotes Portable 7.5 Pre-Release 1

Application: Pnotes
Category: Office
Description: PNotes Portable is sticky notes manager with skins, flexible display options and a built-in scheduler.

Download PNotes Portable 7.5 [876KBMB download / 2.63MB installed]
md5sum: 18be63d040d8e35852bffb94f1afc77c

If we could get a few "good to go" reports before release, I'd appreciate it.

Release Notes:

  1. Update binaries and language files.
  2. update launcher so that backups are located in Data\settings\backups. (And thus compile with the latest NSIS release).
  3. Update to latest installer.