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Hey there, do any of the apps (or know any websites, flickr ?) have a way to view geotag info ?
I seen on the news that there are privacy issues and such, and I want to see if any of my pictures I don't post much online, so mainly I want to show my sister what she is posting on facebook etc, I tried Cornice, Irfanview and xnview, and with irfanview I loaded 2 plugins I downloaded from them but for my camera it shows exif and iptc data but for my sisters only iptc data shows up no exif, she uses a iphone and things like this.

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At its most basic, you should

At its most basic, you should be able to view geolocation data attached to an image by right-clicking the image, selecting Properties->Summary (for XP, can't say for sure on other versions of Windows). If the image has Geotag data, it should show up in this list.

Otherwise in Google Picasa (of which there is a portable dev test somewhere round here), there is an account setting to show geotag info, and I believe Flickr may have a similar thing.

Then there is always something like ExifTool

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