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machine to use - searching

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machine to use - searching

Hi there.
I've been a fan of portable apps through my college years, which has been a great help. I'm looking for a light tablet/netbook and to put portable apps on there.

Pretty new to me. Internet's turned up tablet netbooks and some flashy looking Tablet PC-MID.

Typically on it I'd use EasyPHP, Notepad portable or some other ide,
use an app to remote control a linux machine or a windows one on occasion(teamviewer, hamachi, stuff like that),
only have a wifi connection otherwise not online, check out youtube now and then.

Weight is a problem for me; nothing more than a pound.
I suppose something weighing 3 pounds would be okay but it's pushing it.
Overall tablets seem lighter and I lean towards them more, and I could see using a wireless keyboard/mouse.

These are some features that I like:
-at least 2 usb ports
-sd/ microsd slot
-voice recording

Things that interest me:
ExoPC Slate/Ciara VIBE ExoPC
Samsung Sliding PC 7 is looking pretty nice. I don't know how durable that is though, if it's a good spring or whatever and hard to destroy.
CL900 -looking really strong, but the weight could be a problem.

Thank you : D

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Alright, I think I'll be

Alright, I think I'll be going for the Asus Eee pad transformer. I had to read about its processor and portability to figure that okay, what I'd use it for wouldn't be a problem, and I liked a lot of its tech specs.
Motion and Fujitsu looked really nice but weight is a big issue with me.

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I have a asus eeepc and love

I have a asus eeepc and love it, except that blamed power switch issue I'm having.

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