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I can never update from the suite!!

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Rizwan Rashid Arnob
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I can never update from the suite!!

I checked for update and I found "Minefield 4 beta 13 pre 10 mb" update. Then I press Next. The message shows 'connecting' but nothing happens and I get the message
"Download Error: SendRequest error on file ... 4 beta 13 pre english online. paf.exe"

I guess this is the problem of sourcefourge server as I can never download from their automated server but I have to chose Japan server manually.

So, the suit is not helping me at all!

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Download problems

That's a bit harsh.

You can't simply blame the 'suite' for your Sourceforge download problems on a single application. Have you had problems updating other PA.c applications using the platform's updater, or is this the only one that's causing a problem?


John T. Haller
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Minefield is only available at certain times. It was dropped when Firefox 4 went to release candidate status (because there are no nightly builds of Minefield leading up to FF4 anymore). I've disabled it in the updater DB so you shouldn't see it anymore.

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