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Clavier Plus (or keyboard +)

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Clavier Plus (or keyboard +)


I use a great soft that is Clavier+ from a french, Guillaume RYDER.
It's a really great soft...

It can associate any shortcut to an action, including using some of the keys used as the Windows key.

Shortcuts can be created with a program but also to a particular text. You write constantly your e-mail? Create a shortcut that will work everywhere, in Word or Excel or Notepad!

Clavier+ has an article in Ordinateur Individuel, a french computer magazine (No. 178, December 2005, p. 238, Etienne Oehmichen)


  • Create global shortcuts that can be used anywhere regardless of the software launched
  • Quick Launch program
  • Typing a text using a single keystroke
  • Clavier+ is a light program, clean and autonomous : one EXE less than 100 KB, no storage in the registry and Setup Optional

The web page :