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Unable to add new bookmarks

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Unable to add new bookmarks

Portable Firebox version: 3.6.15


Since using firefox on my USB card, I have not been able to add/modify any of my bookmarks, since importing them from my workstation version of FF.
Tried the "bookmark this page", dragging the page upto the bookmark section or Bookmark toolbar.

It will let me create a folder in the toolbar, and also if I drag a page to the HOME icon I can change the starting page to that.

But just unable to add new bookmarks [it will let me remove the ones I already have AND let me re add the same link, but not anything new]
I've checked in my profile that the places.sqlite isnt read only. Looking on the it states I should boot up firefox in Safe mode, but cant see how to do this with the portable version.

I havent installed any new add-ons or themes etc, its always been like this. Tried plugging in my USB drive on two different PCs and the samething happens.
If I use the normal firefox on my laptop it works fine.

Any help would be grateful.

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on my "xp pro" works

on my "xp pro" works normal(like how ever)

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-safe-mode (Reproducible from clean install? Steps?)

I believe the Firefox Portable Launcher will pass any arguments that it doesn't understand (are there any it does?) to Firefox, therefore if running Firefox in Safe Mode will help, try opening a command prompt window and running the following commands

cd /D X:\PortableApps\FirefoxPortable
FirefoxPortable.exe -safe-mode

Replacing X with whatever your driveletter your "USB card" has at the time.
Also if you can reliably reproduce this problem from a clean install of Firefox Portable, please tell us the steps, and (assuming it's not something weird about your computer) someone here might be able to figure out what's causing it.


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I just upgraded to portable

I just upgraded to portable FF4 this week and suddenly my bookmarks are 100% NON-editable. I can't add or delete ANY. All of the old ones are still perfectly intact.

Running on XP-home SP3. I don't have any actual "installations" of FF.

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