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how to - source and destination without knowing drive letter

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how to - source and destination without knowing drive letter


i have 2 externall HDD and i want to backup from one toanother some folder/files

problem is that i cannot assign specific letter to external HD because they are used by diffirend laptops each time.

is there a way to make source and destination folders to be choosen with some other way ?

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If I understand your problem

If I understand your problem right, you fear to assign them a specific letter on each computer because you don't want them to keep that letter when connecting to the other one. As the drive letter is only relevant on the specific computer at that time, it does not interfere. Driveletters assignations are not saved with the drive but created/recalled at connection to the OS.

On Computer1 give HDD1 the letter E: and HDD2 the letter F: so you can copy whatever you need from E: to F:.
On Computer2 you can use whatever letter you want, maybe HDD1=F: and HDD2=E:. It does not matter, what you assigned them on Computer1.

If you want to backup from HDD1 connected to Computer1 and HDD2 connected to Computer2, you have to establish a connection between both computers (mostly via Network) and map them as network share to a driveletter on the other computer so you could use these to copy whatever you need.

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hello thanx for reply

hello thanx for reply but...

network in not an option, there are 2 usb HDD and a personal laptop each time connected to these 2 drives

therefore there are unknown number of laptops connected . but not practically possible to check each one if he has configure it correctly

that why need a portable app + protable way to dedect source and destination, wondering why there is no backup tool with such an option ?!?!? i am impressed..
some possible ways would be serialnumber identification, search for specific file in removable drives (i.e. i can create a keyfile to source)

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is a much easier way! The built in variable called @volumename@ with do what you want, all you do is replace the text with the volume name of the disk that you want to refer to and it will work fine, for example if the name of your boot disk is "boot" then if you put @boot@ as your source or destination it should work everything out for you. To find the current volume name of your drives or change it just right click on them in Windows Explorer and choose Properties, then the name at the top is the volume name.

Hope that helps!

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