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Geany Portable with PythonPortable

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Geany Portable with PythonPortable

I have Geany Portable and PythonPortable. How to make Geany execute Python scripts?

I try set path to python.exe in "Set Build Comands" but this didn't work

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1. Copy the GeanyPortable.ini

1. Copy the GeanyPortable.ini file included within GeanyPortable\Other\Source to the root of GeanyPortable. (If you have GeanyPortable.ini located at GeanyPortable\ already, you may skip this step)
2. Openup GeanyPortable.ini and create a key called PathAdditions.
3. Specify from the root of the portable device. Use should use @Drive for the drive letter. Specify in the format @Drive\Perl\bin\, etc. Separate with multiple entries with a semicolon.

In this case you're probably going to want to put in something like X:\PortableApps\PythonPortable\python

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