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AkelPad Portable Plugins

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AkelPad Portable Plugins

I am trying to enable the Background SpellCheck plugin for AkelPad Portable v4.5.6, but after checking this option, exiting the program and then restarting, I'm given a "SpellCheck: error, Aspell core not found" message.

Is there something blatantly obvious I'm overlooking here?

I'm running XP Home SP3.


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What to do

1. Install Aspell (for nonWin32 there are other distributions) — this is nonPortable installation.
2. Install at least one dictionary.
3. From AkelPad go to Plugins (Alt+P).
4. Check Spellcheck::Backgrond (if unchecked), call Spellcheck::Settings.
5. Specify path to the Aspell's kernel at bottom of the dialog (e.g. C:\Program Files\Aspell\bin\aspell-15.dll). Press OK.
6. Again: go to the Plugins and call Spellcheck::Settings. Choose default dictionary and code.
7. Restart AkelPad.


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