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[Released] Tipp10 Portable 2.1.0 Development Test 1

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[Released] Tipp10 Portable 2.1.0 Development Test 1

Application: Tipp10
Category: Education
Description: Tipp10 is a touch typing tutor.
License: GPL 2, or later
Language: German, English

Download Tipp10 Portable 2.1.0 Development Test 1 [4.4MB download / 12.3MB installed]
(MD5: b410e2de2dce385019917cde8c391cb4)

Release Notes:

Development Test 1 (2011-03-18): Initial release

Known Issues:

  • If you use MuseScore Portable, ConvertAll Portable and/or FreeMat Portable and Tipp10 Portable at the same time and don't close them in reversed order, registry keys will be left behind and/or the original (local) keys will be overwritten. To avoid issues, never use them together!


  • Thanks to Patrick Patience for hosting
  • Thanks to all devs for pieces of code Wink
  • Thanks in advance to all testers.


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