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problems updating with platform 2.0 beta 5

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problems updating with platform 2.0 beta 5

I've noticed over the past few months that the updater frequently can't complete downloads, and hangs somewhere around 2-16kB short of completing the file transfer.

For instance, the past few days, the updater has been telling me a new version of PeaZip Portable is available, yet the updater consistently stops making any progress at 7136/7139 kB.

Since the problem is usually repeatable (it occurs 100% of the time when attempting to update this specific app), it leads me to wonder whether the updater should have any means of reporting download issues in order to correct problems on the server side.

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Not a Server Issue

These issues are hardly ever server issues as we have a network of download servers around the world all serving locally. It's nearly always a local network issue or an issue between you and the server as resuming is not supported. I just updated PeaZip here and it worked fine.

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