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Alien Blaster Portable 1.10 Development Test 3

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Alien Blaster Portable 1.10 Development Test 3

Application: Alien Blaster
Category: Games
Licence: Open Source
Description: Alien Blaster is a traditional stop the alien invasion game with the following features:

  • Many alien spaceships to shoot down
  • A big bad boss
  • Different weapons
  • Special items
  • Co-operative mode (2 players playing on 1 computer)
  • Gamepad/Joystick support
  • Arcade mode with highscore

Download AlienBlasterPortable 1.10 Development Test 3 English.paf.exe [ 6.3MB download / 13MB installed]
(MD5: dc7bac6e27bc66da189cb481b9ddb73c)

Release Notes:

Development Test 3 (2011-04-11):

  • PA.c Format 2.0 compliance improved following testing with the PA.c Development Kit.

Development Test 2 (2011-03-26):

  • High Score Table (highscore.dat) will now be moved to the Data\cfg folder on exit.
  • Improvements in PA.c Format 2.0 compliance.

Development Test 1 (2011-03-24): Initial release

Gord Caswell
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Version number

I'm going through the Test Release list, and noted that there is a discrepancy in the version numbering for this app. It should be 1.1.0, not 1.10.

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