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Quick Bridge Portable 3.1.9 Developmental Test 1

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Quick Bridge Portable 3.1.9 Developmental Test 1

Application: Quck Bridge
Category: Games
Description: Quick Bridge is just that, a basic game of Bridge . You against the computer . It also has options to import .bmp graphics to use as backgrounds for the table.

Quick Bridge Portable 3.1.9 Developmental Test 1 [700 KB download / 1.37 MB installed]
(MD5: 6df7d8d8ed35e3af3cc2e3f55de92870)

This game is freeware, permission granted by creator:


Thanks for your interest.

You have my permission to package the latest version of "Quick Bridge" in the PortableApps format. Quick Cribbage is "freeware" in the sense that it is free to use in its un-modified executable form and that no money is charged for its use.

cheers, wes
Wesley Steiner (web) (email)

Release Notes:

Development Test 1 (2011-03-26):: Initial release

  • I assume the game itself is accurate but since I never learned Bridge I can not verify that.
  • Registry entries honed to allow multiple Quick games to be running and not affect each other.
  • Check for updates that appears on main screen will just bring you to home page if there is an update.