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Why does Firefox 4 loser bookmarks/addons?

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Why does Firefox 4 loser bookmarks/addons?

Ever since I upgraded to FF4, I notice at times I load FF4 and all my bookmarks are missing/gone and so are my addons. I then reload FF4 a few times and they appear again.

What causes this and how can I stop it from happening?

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Most likely you've set it as your firefox.exe as your default browser or associated it with HTML files, in which case it comes up running like the local version. Only launch it with FirefoxPortable.exe or from the PA.c Menu.

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Actually it's always been

Actually it's always been running as FirefoxPortable.exe, and I haven't set it as my firefox.exe as default browser or associated it with HTML files.

I came across other people who also lost their bookmarks, so this is not an isolated issue.

Type this into google "lost bookmarks firefox"


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I've seen it too

... and have just had all my profile settings disappear, not just bookmarks but addons and browser options, as though FF can't find the profile.

I have in the past read something here about restoring profile settings, but before I go search for it, does the same method apply to FF4?

I just answered my own question. No, it doesn't apply.

The method I used in older versions involved renaming these files (which would then be recreated on restart):
extensions.rdf and

In FF4, only extensions.ini and compatibility.ini exist. I renamed those, which had no effect upon restart. How can I repair my profile? (I had not yet backed up FF4, having just today gotten it up to speed on extensions and customizations, so I don't have anything to restore it from.)

I've searched every which way I can think of on the Mozilla FF support site for information, and all I can find is old information for previous versions.


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I had a similar problem

I had a similar problem several days ago (exactly on March 18th) with FF-Portable 3.0.19, which resides on my PC's HDD. For the first time ever the GUI was missing some components. Restarting FF did not help, so I started to build a new copy from the scratch. However, in the meantime I discovered that the mess was a result of the missing "Bookmarks Toolbar" which I found in the "Customize Toolbar" window, along with some missing toolbar buttons. By doing customization again, I was able to restore the layout, and run FF without any problems since.

In my case, I suspect, this could be caused by performing the Adobe Flash Player update without rebooting the PC. Instead, as usually, I put it into hibernation mode, and then immediately after next start I encountered the problem with Firefox.

Also, at that time I had installed a new add-on. But, it was already for two days in use. I haven't reinstalled it because didn't like it in the first place.

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