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On language selection

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Geddich Nixan
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On language selection

I downloaded the recent version of LibreOfficePortabel (3.3.2) and thought it was a great feature that I could choose which languages should be installed. The "one or all" option (i.e. either take only one language or take all of them) was very unsatisfactory for me. However I was quite disappointed to see that the new language selection only offers the options "one or two or all". Would it be possible to include a selection window in the installer where the user could choose those languages he needs? Just like a drop down list with all available languages where one could select those few (four in my case) which he needs?

Generally I would like to see this kind of language selection feature in each PortableApp.

A second remark. On the download page of LibreOfficePortable it is stated that the standard package includes Korean and Hungarian among other most frequented languages. As a matter of fact there is no trace of those two languages in the standard package. Please correct the package or the info on the site.

Finally thank you all for making all those portable apps available. Keep up the good work.


John T. Haller
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We don't plan to introduce multiple language selections. Generally, it's technically a bit of a nightmare as LibreOffice has language files all over the place... I mean dozens of different directories as well as xml/cache/db files that would all need updating depending on what you pick. So even if we developer the ability for the PA.c Installer to handle it, we'd need to custom code a ton for each release of LibreOffice. And LibreOffice is already the most complicated app portablization-wise. So, it's best to just install the whole pack if you need multi.

As for Hungarian and Korean missing, they shouldn't be. They were specifically selected as part of that install, but I have noticed some bugs with the actual LibreOffice local installer not installing the right languages when you select them (which I repeated 3 times to reproduce). I'll double check and remove the notices.

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Geddich Nixan
Last seen: 8 years 12 months ago
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And what about...

...other apps? LibreOffice is obviously huge and there are many language related files (I know that because I searched the whole installation directory for such files). Actually the installer for permanent installation offers the advanced option to select the required language packages. I thought that one could use the same pattern for the PA.c installer too. (I have no experience with coding so forgive me if this idea is too "naive".)

But back to my initial question. What about other apps? Most of those which include several languages for their GUIs simply store the language packs in one location in form of single TXT or INI files and not scattered all over the place like LibreOffice does. Could there be in such "simple" cases a language selection function of the PA.c installer implemented? This is just a suggestion. I would welcome such an option, but probably it is not a feature many users would like to have.

BTW, thanks for the fast reply John.


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I tried coding an app for that but its on hold as it turned out to be a bit complicated. Every app is different uses one or more file(s) or folders. so I'd need a long list with every app and every language. and I'd need to check for the version as that might change too.

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I wouldn't compare

When localizing an office suite, you localize many more things, not just the GUI: for example decimal separators, date formats, for some languages even numbered lists and writing directions. Language packs can also contain templates and other stuff, so it's really not comparable to translating a small utility with a few dozen strings.

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