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custom fonts locations + others

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custom fonts locations + others

Hello there,

Already 4 hours passed since started the installer and still the installation process of the "full/custom version" is not finised on my 32Gb Corsair... actually about a quarter seems done already.

I guess I will wait a little bit longer and kill the process, make the install on a hdd partition and copy the files over to the memory stick.

Now to the question: for OO I could put my custom fonts in a folder somewhere (sorry I can't remember the right location and browsing the memory stick is impossible during the install) and they were read by the program but I could not find the specific folder for LibreOffice.

Any hints for the right location?

I couldn't actually use the previous installation because of the slowness (still using previous OO), I could get some improvements by tweaking the options for memory to lower values, so I hope that this version is faster.

Also both for OO and LO while trying to set the java path the program was always auto-detecting it (freezing for some time) and I could not bind it ever with the portable java install - any hints on how to fix this?


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Incidentally, didn't know I could do this. +1 internets for you. Learn something new every day, I guess. Smile

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