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General Torrent Question

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General Torrent Question

Posting this as Off-Topic because it's not a portable app.

I'm using uTorrent on a VM (Windows 7 x64 host, XP pro SP3 as VM). It was working perfectly fine, and uTorrent pushes the finished downloads onto my host machine. If the men in black show up, delete the VM and claim I have no idea what a VM is. (yes I know that's thin, but it may help with a small fish like me)

On to the problem. Recently, as in the last week, my downloads aren't stable. D/L speed shoots off the charts to about 2M/s, which is about the fastest I ever get, stay there for about 30s, then drop to almost zero. Stays at zero for about 2 minutes, then repeats, back up to 2M/s. All the while, I'm connected to about the same number of seeders (tonight happens to be about 900)

Any idea why it would do that?

Thanks in advance.

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While there are numerous

While there are numerous things that could probably cause this, and that is even before we start asking you to do speed tests and check your isp's bandwidth stats (if they have them) to see if it is network related, this kinda reminds me of some aberrant behaviour I've seen on a VM at work.

It would run fine for a while, then would lag out really badly, then run fine, then lag. Rinse and repeat. The only thing that ever remedied it was reinstalling the VM, and sometimes it would just up and start again.

Onto the torrent thing. They couldn't care less whether you have a torrent program installed or not, and whether it is on a VM or not. There are such things as legal torrents about which Big Brother can do nothing to you.

The two things they are after is:
a) Your IP being in the list of seeders/leechers for a torrent. Don't know about elsewhere in the world, but here in Australia ISP's have the obligation to pass on a cease and desist notice if a copyright holder comes to them even hinting that your IP address was found seeding/leeching a torrent. Some ISP's will even drop your contract on the spot.
b) Having the any part of the files on your computer. Sure you are deleting the partial files when you delete the VM, but what is the point when you've got the finished files sitting there for anyone to see? That would be like throwing away a spoon after secretly eating all the ice cream, but not bothering to wipe it off your face.

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