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Now I'm impressed.

One of my biggest bugbears was that portable software should be easily transportable between machines and between upgrades. When you churn through machines at the rate of one or two a year you don't really want to be rebuilding profiles and settings etc.

I used to dread the switch, with an installed "safe" Thunderbird for all my emails that were stored and sorted (carefully over about 15 years) and a "live" portable version for downloading, replying etc, prior to storage.

Part of the problem was copying a profile across, losing things like calendars and address books, and it really was a pain in the backside. It would often take hours to reimport this stuff, and I would have to allow an afternoon to make the change.

Today I have just put a clean copy of TB 319 on my desktop, created a profile and copied my "safe stored" profile across. It opened up in about 20 seconds, checked for updates, and then started working as I expected. My whole "safe and offline store" profile is now truly portable.

Thanks for that guys.