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Alternative to google toolbar?

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Alternative to google toolbar?

So im using firefox portable and im loving it, however I need the google toolbar but when i use that addon it slows down FFportable A LOT. Everytime a new page or tab opens it pauses for a few seconds and then continues.

Is there an alternative to the google toobar where i can search for stuff on google without going to google itself?
The toolbar that came with firefox portable is alredy being used and I need another one (preferably on the left side like the google toolbar)

Any ideas on what else i can do or maybe some settings on google toolbar to fix it?

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What do you mean by "already

What do you mean by "already being used"? It can be used on every window and tab in Firefox. I can't see how it could be used up.

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

My use of Google indicates that I am insane.

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Has it set.

dtms1 means that the SearchBar has been set to a different Search Engine, and he/she apparently doesn't want to switch it back and forth every time he/she wants to use Google vs whatever the other Search Engine is.

@dtms1: I don't know of any good alternatives to the Google Toolbar (I assume you don't want one of the Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc. toolbars).
If you can't find a good alternative toolbar, I would recommend setting a QuickSearch (at least that's what they used to call it :p) by right clicking on the Search box on Google's homepage (or on a custom Google Search page, like and clicking "Add a Keyword for this Search...", this will bring up a "New Bookmark" dialog, enter the Name of the Search Engine (in this case "Google") in the "Name:" box, and enter a Keyword for the Search Engine (e.g. google, g, or whatever you'll associate with that Search Engine that's not too long to type often) in the "Keyword:" box. Then you can use it by typing "google Whatever your search terms are" (or "g search terms", etc.) in the URL bar.


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