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[Fixed] Explorer++ will no longer start properly

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[Fixed] Explorer++ will no longer start properly

It ran fine yesterday, but when I came into work this morning not a lot happens.

Looking in Task Manager, Explorer++Portable.exe and Explorer++.exe are both running, but the Explorer++ window never appears.

Running just Explorer++.exe from within the App/Explorer++ directory works fine.

Downloading and re-installing gives the exact same problems.

The only change that has happened between yesterday morning and this morning is a few Windows security updates.

I'm on XP SP3.

Ok, redo. While I was writing the above, it finally started, ten minutes after running it. Something seriously freaky going on here. It now works fine (and in a timely manner) when I run it. Bookmarks are still there, although it did lose my last viewed tabs.

Decided to still post this in case anyone else sees or has seen similar behaviour.

Edit: Ignore this, it looks like I may have figured out what it was. My last open tabs were pointing at a networked server that couldn't be found, so I'm guessing it lagged out looking for the location, and when it finally realized it wasn't getting there it ignored the last opened tabs and just opened My Computer instead.