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Customizable Themes for Platform?

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Customizable Themes for Platform?

Just curious to know if the platform themes are customizable? If not, are there any plans to make them so? Not sure if it's just old age, but most of the themes on PA 2.0 beta 5 seem pretty dark to me.

The application text descriptions are pretty clear, but the options down the right hand side of the platform menu are quite dark. Any chance these could be changed with a user option?


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This version of the platform has the ability to use custom themes. A custom theme includes an ini file and one or more .png image files in a compressed file. The file is actually a .zip file renamed to .patheme.
To install a custom theme:
At the very bottom of the list of themes is an ellipsis (...), that opens your file browser to select a theme. Once selected, the theme is automatically updated.
I've got a bunch of info on my page:

P.S. I know John is changing some things with the upcoming version of the platform, so it's possible that some of this won't apply exactly in the new platform, but it shouldn't be very different.

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