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Portable Applications Suite v2 - Coming Soon..

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Paul F
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Portable Applications Suite v2 - Coming Soon..

Hello everyone.

I just love this website and the amazing applications to be truely portable!
I am sure you will all agree with two hands up!!

Anyhow just a quick questions, does any one know when the planned release of the Portable Applications Suite v2 will be released.

Its been "Coming Soon" for some time now, and I'm just wondered if anyone could give me a heads up on its release.

Thanks for your time.

John T. Haller
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Nearly Complete

It's nearly complete. The Gaim Portable pre-release of beta 3.1 has been solid and that will be released on Monday or Tuesday. A pre-release of Portable is coming out later today (including the ability for it to use local JVM's, use the wizards correctly and a fix for longer paths) and should be released on Tuesday. A pre-release of the backup utility should come later tonight. Sync will be tomorrow or Tuesday. And the menu will be Tuesday. I'm hoping for a Wednesday release, but if not, it will be next Tuesday.

And it's Portable Apps Suite 1.0 that's coming. Not 2.0. Work on 2.0 has already begun and has lots of new features beyond these.

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Ryan McCue
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Can't wait. I'm completely wiping my USB and starting again, so I'll wait until the suite comes out.
R McCue
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Same here.

Just waiting for those few things to redo everything. For anyone else wanting to do this, I would suggest the FEBE/CLEO FF extension combo to back up your FFP profile, extensions, etc. (Just in case thing...)



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In other words....

@ Paul F:

So in other words, "how soon is 'soon' "?...
Gee, I guess that would depend on what the meaning of the word "is" is...

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