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portable oph crack

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portable oph crack

oph crack is a SAM cracking software. more info:

using portable multi password recovery u can copy the SAM file. so it wud be cool if we had a portable ophcrack to crack the SAM file

let me know if anyones intrested or the work is in progress:

Ryan McCue
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Sounds illegal

so I don't think so.
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I doubt that the software

I doubt that the software itself is illegal, but it can be used for illegal purposes, like John the Ripper. I don't see how a portable version would be used legitimately except in very special circumstances, though.


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"Illegal" is a convenient

"Illegal" is a convenient catchword allowing comments without saying anything on the subject itself. It will automatically be the first item to pop up in any security-related discussion.

Have you tried installing ophcrack and then copying the program-directory to the stick? Many programs work that way.

This may leave small traces in the registry though.
You could run into a problem if the program frequently writes to disk, for example to store intermediate results. Frequent writes to the same location tend to wear out flash-memory.

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Illegality is, in my mind, subject to how it is used by the person using it. This is the same conversation that was carried out here on making eMule portable. How the portable program is used decides if that is instance of the software is illegal or not. If the person who makes this portable is a System Admin and uses it just on their companies systems to repair them or get into a system that he does not have access to, because a password was fogotten, Then I don't see that as illegal. BUT if said person uses it for puposes such as breaking into his friends/strangers pc, even as a joke or prank, then I see that as illegal.

That being said, when people use "illegal" in threads such as these, I see it as a form of protection. You see, if a person is caught using this poratable ophcrack to hack into a companys pcs or perform and illegal activity, and when ask how they got this to be portable, as it is pobably not designed by the author to be this way, and then he says he got the process or file here, then the police have the right to charge the person on this forum who gave that info or file as an accessory to the crime. If you write "that is illegal and we can't help you", then you are covered, as you are not giving the process or file to that person. It would be the same with emailing the info or file, if they police got your email from his computer system. More than likley a logshot, but it could happen, and with the state of this world I wouldn't put it past them.

Now, so I do not sound like a person that stn21 thinks is just saying "illegal" so I don't have to answer, If you follow stn21's process of protabilizing the software, it should work. Also take a look at my quickport template or Lapwing. Both of these can be found by searching or looking into the development sections of this forum and website. Also look at the development link on top of this page it gives a good idea on how to make things portable and what the process could be for you. I don't have time to look into this for you, so good luck and let us know how it works. ANy progress in porabilization of any software should be noted.

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Portable Software: Just the beginning.

Steve Lamerton
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ophcrack, one of my favorite pices of software. Why don't you just use the live CD?


Steve Lamerton

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