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Moving or encrypting profile

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Moving or encrypting profile

Hello. I would like to have all personal data (settings and mail itself) encrypted, for which I consider two possibilities. First, moving default profile to partition encripted by third software (which is somehow incompatible with Thunderbird so I cannot launch it from this partition, only - hopefully - store data there). Second, encrypting all user data using Thunderbird Portable itself (or its add-ons). Unfortunately I can't find any info neither on how to change the default profile's location nor on encrypting data by means of TP itself. Could you please give me any hints?


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have not seen this so far

and this would be very difficult because:

if it would be some addon, the addon itself will be then stored inside the profile and so when you want start the TB the addon to do the decryption will not be here since encrypted...

There exist some joke addon, making you to enter password each time you open TB, but this is just fun, the profile with all mails and other details is still stored in plain text readable for everyone.

TB itself does not provide any such functionality unfortunately similar to other mail clients too. Only few

The other idea to simply remove the profile to other place and encrypt it, well possible but not very ergonomic, *before* each start of TB the profile has to be decrypted and placed back, well can be done, but portable it is always little bit more difficult. In such case you need to run the encryption/copy software prior to the TB. You could solve it may be by toucan (from this site) or even Truecrypt, the later being not so portable in fact.

Considered hardware encrypted usb stick?

I am quite happy with:

Otto Sykora
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Just make a truecrypt

Just make a truecrypt "container" and put TB inside it. You have to mount (i.e. open) the container with your password to gain access to TB inside it.

You can run truecrypt without installing anything, so you can encrypt any USB, file or whole drive.

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