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Miranda U3

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Miranda U3

I've been using Miranda Portable for awhile now and I just purchased a U3 drive and I'm wondering if Miranda Portable can be ported to U3 easily.

John T. Haller
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Possible in the future

The future possibilities for U3 packages of the portable apps produced here are still being evaluated. But at the moment, there are no plans to do a U3 version of Miranda. The downloads of the standard versions (which will run just fine from a U3 drive) are far more than the U3 versions, so development effort is best spent on the portable versions.

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I double that. U3 versions

I double that.
U3 versions cannot be used on any "normal" portable device, but the u3 sticks can use the portable ones produced here.
So you can a wider range of people happy, as you already do me Smile

Regards Thorsten

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